Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Well, here goes nothing...

I feel I must begin by saying that i am way out of my league here. I am not very technically savvy and that being the case, I only just learned what a blog is. This type of thing is very intimidating, but in the end I decided just to go for it because it may be a good way for me to unload thoughts and meditations and keep a fresh mind.

I guess I should start by explaining the title of this thing. This collection of meditations is called "The Snare is Broken" because of a verse in Psalm 124. David was such an amazing songwriter who beautifully painted the loving grace of God in so many ways. In this particular song he said, "We have escaped like a bird out of a fowler's snare; the snare has been broken, and we have escaped." (Ps 124:7) I guess I just want to hold this verse up as sort of a banner over my whole life and say, "I have escaped! I have been rescued from myself and all my wrong and it's all because God has been merciful to me." If there could be one word spoken over my whole life, it would be 'mercy.' God has poured out compassion, love, His favor and forgiveness and I didn't deserve any of it! I was ensnared by this fallen world and most of all my own fallen heart, but He has rescued me from the snare because Jesus died. Mercy, substitution, blood, death, resurrection and life... He has not only rescued me, He has broken the snare, and I am free.

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