Saturday, April 08, 2006

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He Watches Over Me…

Last night Ryan Long played a concert here at Christ Community and as always it was great. I have always liked Ryan’s songwriting ever since I first heard the CD that Aaron Jenkins brought over to my house three years ago, but there is nothing like seeing one of Ryan’s shows. There is an intimacy and genuine yearning to his songs and heart when you get to watch him play and sing one of his songs. Last night’s show was great, but I was pretty discouraged by the number of people who showed up. I think we ended up having a little over 75 people, which isn’t bad unless you’re sitting in a room that can hold 220…

It turned out that the reason we had so few folks there was that there was a huge storm, (complete with tornados) tearing through Middle Tennessee and heading our way yesterday evening. Some family and friends out there actually had the siding ripped off of their homes and their cars slammed with hail damage as they hid in their bath tub… Well, that storm system, which had already claimed lives in Middle Tennessee was headed straight for us at 7:34 P.M., and the concert was supposed to start at 7:30. Now, in the past couple of weeks, the buzz about the concert has been great! Everyone and their hamster was planning on being there, but as the storm rolled in, the people did not.

We waited the worst out and started the concert a little late and it was everything you want out of a Ryan show… Everything from subtle to slammin’ guitar, flawless, scratchy and sweet vocals and the wide open heart of a guy who loves Christ. It was awesome. My favorite moment though was right at the end … The rain was beating down hard on the roof, the thunder was rolling heavy and deep outside and Ryan was leading us into deeper trust in our sovereign Father with a lullaby…

He clothes the flowers of the field
The fortune of the sparrow’s sealed
No worry, no vain care have I
That escapes His guardian eye

From a distance, and from very near
Yesterday, today, and tomorrow never fear
No need for me to fret or cry,
Safe beneath His wings am I

‘Cause He watches over me,
Every night while I’m asleep
And He watches over me,
Yes, He watches over me

Leaning, leaning, safe and secure from all alarms
Leaning, leaning, on the everlasting arms

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codyblair said...

wish I could've been there Lee. heard it was great

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