Thursday, March 05, 2009

Jack is eating some solid food and LOVES it... he was going crazy for some eating!!!!!

And poor Norah has been a little under the weather this week, but sweeter than sugar...

Shhh… He’s Sleeping

On almost every day of the week I wake up early, bust out of the house early and start my day before the sun even thinks about coming up; but once a week I stick around and handle diapers, waffles and cartoons. This day is also known as Monday, and it’s Christy’s day to sleep in. On Christy’s sleep day I try to get everyone up, fed and out of the house on some errand or other as quietly as possible so that she can get the opportunity to just sleep until her body wakes her up. Some days we are successful in being quiet enough and some days we explode into such an outlandish cacophony of fits, tears and discipline that I’m surprised the Cops aren’t involved.

If my kids knew how to bribe, they could play me like a fiddle on Monday mornings. They could earn any imaginable amount of underhanded candy and movie time just by threatening a good loud argument over some toy… They could easily work the angles and get triple-decker ice cream cones for breakfast all for the measly price of keeping a lid on it during her Monday morning lie-in, if only they knew how much I am willing to pay for that peace and quiet. You see, nothing pleases my heart more than pulling off a successful sleep day for my hard-working girl; and nothing (and I mean nothing) stresses me out more than unnecessary noises that threaten to prematurely end that same sleep day…

Now, I know this might sound weird, but what if I cared as much about Jesus getting his nap as I do about Christy getting hers? What if I was just as concerned with keeping it quiet so He could sleep the way I am for her on Monday mornings?

You see, a week or so ago I was reading that familiar story where Jesus calms the storm… you know, Jesus was teaching His disciples a bunch of stuff and when evening came He told them to get into the boat and head to the other side. While they were crossing the Sea of Galilee, such a furious storm came over them that the disciples thought they were going to die. In the midst of all this, they realized that Jesus was asleep on a cushion in the stern! They woke Him up, yelled at Him and He proceeded to tell the storm to “Hush,” which it did, and then He rebuked their lack of faith, saying, “Why are you so afraid? Do you still have no faith?” If you’re anything like me, you’ve heard that story a million and five times and every single time, you’ve gotten the same thing out of it… Jesus has the power to calm the storms of my life… right… got it.

But what if that story had gone differently? What if, instead of freaking out, panicking and waking Jesus up, the disciples had quietly grabbed a blanket and shushed each other while trying to cover Him up without waking Him? After all, they didn’t wake Him up so that He would calm the storm, they woke Him up so they could yell at Him right before they all died… but He said they were going to the other side and nothing was going to stop them from making it. What if they had just trusted His words and let Him sleep? What would it look like for me to stop waking Him up in the midst of the storm? What if, in the middle of storms, I stopped trying desperately to solve the problem while losing heart and faith, and instead just quietly trusted my Lord and let Him handle it and rest.

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Christy Younger said...

My amazing hubby- you are the best. Monday mornings are my favorites, thanks for that great luxury- I love, love, love you-

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