Thursday, April 23, 2009


We can't find the replacement battery pack for our camera, so we haven't taken any pics this week. Therefore, I rifled through the external hard drive looking for some old pictures to post. Naturally, I got a little carried away... rest of the pics after the post.


So, I was just feeding Jack some solid food and he did such a great job eating it! I was watching him watching me so expectantly while I got that next spoonful ready and I just felt so pleased… I was simply pleased with him. It made me happy just to see him tearing up that food. What’s more, I was impressed! I mean, he did a whole lot better than I would have done with pureed sweet potatoes. In between bites I would tell him, “Good job, sir!” and his perfectly round face would just break open in the most radiant grin… oh man, I was having the best time ever. After he ate, I got him out of his high chair and held him close. There was a particularly groovy Sara Groves song playing on the iPod, so we just started dancing and as usual, when I started singing, he smiled (if possible) even more than before. It was a blast.

Yesterday we drove through our old street to see our next-door neighbors, the Cunningham’s. Mrs. Jo had made us some of her delicious food to take home and while we were visiting with them, her husband Jack said the sweetest thing about our little Jack. “Come over here Jo,” he said, “Look at this little fella… he’s so friendly.” And he’s right! I love that description because that’s exactly what our little boy is like! He’s friendly. If you make eye contact with him, smile, and say, “Hi” he will return that gesture with the sweetest smile around. I was thinking about what the Cunningham’s were saying while we were dancing and my heart was just full to overflowing with pleasure over this little guy.

I was supposed to be putting him down for a nap, but I was waiting on a fairly reluctant burp, so we kept on dancing as the songs changed. Eventually the song How Deep the Father’s Love For Us came on and the first line cut me straight to the heart… “How deep the Father’s love for us, how vast beyond all measure, that He should give His only Son to make a wretch His treasure.” It wasn’t the first time I had ever heard that song, and it wasn’t new information. In fact, it’s the most basic thing about our faith, that God has given His only Son for us, to make us His own. But standing there, holding my only son in my arms… the little dude in whom I am so very pleased, the love of God just broke me open and gratitude spilled out all over place in hot tears that ran from my face to little Jack’s.

I thought of Abraham walking back down Mount Moriah with his grateful arms around his living and laughing son. I though about Jesus going down into the waters of the Jordan like a picture of the death that would come, and how the blue sky split open, the Dove descended and the voice of the Living God said, “This is my Son, whom I love; with Him I am well pleased.” And a question occurred to me that I had never thought of before… was that heavenly voice trembling?

Okay, how bout some more old pics...

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