Thursday, February 18, 2010

Go! Ask!

“Daddy, you don’t love me...”

Those are the words I heard coming out of my phone today. Christy and the kids were up at church for Women’s Bible Study and as they were getting ready to leave, I was there, at the driver’s side window talking to Christy. We were saying our goodbyes as the window rolled up and the van backed out, but apparently I missed something big. Norah was in her car seat, way in the back of the van and the whole time I was talking to Christy, she was telling me she loved me. I didn’t hear her.

I smiled and waved as the van pulled out and rolled away. In about twenty minutes my phone rang. It was Christy. We had a couple more things to talk about; plans to iron out for the rest of the day, so I was glad she called. Shortly before we got off the phone; however, I learned that the real reason for this call was that Norah was very upset. She thought I didn’t love her. As the van pulled away from the church, she started to cry because I didn’t tell her I loved her... she was saying it to me! Why hadn’t I said it back? Christy filled me in on all this and said, “Is it okay if Norah talks to you?” I felt so bad! I hadn’t even heard her in the van!

I heard the phone trade hands and then heard a creaky, little voice say, “Daddy, you don’t love me.” As sweetly and fervently as I could, I told her, “Norah, I love you! I love you tons! I’m gonna love you forever, and ever, no matter what!” The phone was silent for a second, but then the creaky voice spoke again... this time with a question: “You love me? Really?” “Girl! I love you! I’m crazy about you!” Robust giggles filled my ear as Norah started belly laughing into the phone... “Dad, you love me!”

Do you ever wonder? Do you ever feel like maybe God is over you? Do you ever feel like you’ve gone too far or pushed Him too much? Ever feel like you’ve been too bad or been bad too often? Ever feel nothing... just nothing at all? Here’s my question for you: what do you want to do about it?! Norah asked Christy to call me. She had to find out! She had to know whether or not I loved her... are you willing to do that?

This is why I get up early in the morning. It’s why I get away, by myself in a place that’s totally quiet. I want to know. I want God to tell me that He loves me. One day this week in that quiet and solitary place I read Psalm 107. It’s all about different people at different times who were in trouble and called out on the Lord to help them. Four times in this Psalm after telling some awesome story of God’s heroic care, the Psalmist says, “Let them give thanks to the Lord for His unfailing love and His wonderful deeds for men.” He loves me. I went to Him and He told me four times. the very last verse of Psalm 107 says, “Whoever is wise, let him heed these things and consider the great love of the Lord.” If you need to hear it, He’s ready to say it! Go find Him!

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