Tuesday, March 02, 2010

What If It Doesn't Work

What if everything you were going for was empty? What if everything you poured your heart into didn't really give you life? A lot of times, when people are running away from a life with God, they are chasing things they think can fill them up the way only Jesus can... what if you get a few years down that pike and realize, "Whoa. This doesn't give me what I thought it would. " What if the things of this world promise you peace, security, fullness and joy but they can't deliver?! What if they can't back up their promises? What if there was a whole other life out there for you with Someone who can deliver... Someone who can fill every gap and bring real peace? Would you go for it?

Here's a little pop song about that very question. You can listen or download it for free, here:

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